Mercury Direct: 2/1  In the early morning, Mercury’s orbit begins a forward motion from our perspective here on Earth, which may increase successes in communication. If you’ve been holding out making that purchase at Circuit City, you might want to wait a bit longer until Mercury is out of its “shadow”. But electronic SNAFUs will lessen with its direct motion.

That’s not to say everything is smooth sailing today. Frustration may be high if you’ve an agenda in the AM. Be sure to burn off steam so you have your feelings in check if the topic is emotional.

After 1:08 PM EST, things may not go as planned so spontaneity is key. This could be a great afternoon to purge your closet and post things on Freecycle. Be sure you have carte blanche to make choices on what goes however, because with the Aries moon you may be very decisive.

The moon enters Taurus in the early evening, setting the mood for a yummy dinner with a person with whom you feel totally comfortable.