Mercury GCSForecast 2/11

Mercury goes Direct at 9:57 a.m. ET.

This can create a surge in messages or information; whether it’s of any use totally depends on content.

Unless you’ve been waiting for something to come through, pace yourself. Once Mercury is Direct, job offers or contracts have greater staying power, depending on your personal horoscope.

The majority of people experience greater consistency in communications at this time.

dog_w_boneBecause the Moon is in Scorpio, there may be tremendous movement today as passionate direction snaps into focus. You may notice an increase in dogged requests or preferences.

The winners at this time are those with clear goals who are not distracted. In other words, while the less committed may fumble, those who have held a steadfast pace, enjoy the acceleration.

Even if you feel a bit unsteady or less than prepared, you can benefit from being in the game. You need to be willing to keep up however, because overtures initiated can take off.

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