yes, this is intentional!

yes, this is intentional!

Forecast 6/7

Mercury Retrograde at 7:56 a.m. ET sets up a cycle to deepen internal communicative arts: meditation, intuition and reflection. This is emphasized in the sign of Cancer, as well as flashes of memory that bubble up to the surface.

Many people think of retrograde Mercury in a negative light, because in our 24/7 high tech world, the illusion is that “I need it now” is more important than editing, ruminating and revisions. The “re” thrives over the next few weeks: remember, reconsider, reflect, redo, reconsider, renovate, recycle, regenerate and recognize!

Today may be a rocky landing with this energetic shift, as there is a real demand to relate and demonstrate accountability.

A Venus/Mars picture in the early morning may indicate some strife with a relationship; depending on the relationship, a walk to expel tension or playful physical release moves this. Missing information may obfuscate any resolution midday.

Take a break for music, nature or beauty to soothe the soul. Purposeful activity demands attention in the evening; listening is the road to connection regardless of the differences. You must listen beyond hearing to really get the message.

Turn off the thoughts in your head and receive.

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