©Cucinell 2014

©Cucinell 2014

Forecast 9/17 

A Jupiter/Neptune picture in the sky in the wee hours may stir dreams or awaken inspiration.

The Scorpio Moon often magnifies obsessions or hesitancy to move forward, yet the clock may be ticking to release and renew.

Support to bust out of worn patterns is HUGE, so if this has been a theme for you, the engine roars.

Tremendous gains can be had even though they may feel hard-won. Sometimes we don’t recognize this as our clear direction and it seems as though others are forcing the mandate.

Since a powerful undercurrent runs through emotions today through tomorrow, it’s best to choose your battles. The biggest adversary in the room may look at you through the mirror. Be aware that conversations about money may not go well in the evening; best to wait for another day.

Particular vulnerable feelings or misconnections with women may improve by late evening.
Keep in mind that Mercury goes retrograde at 2:09 PM ET until October 9.

This may not be an ideal time for you in the area of communications, contracts and technology. The key is to remember, repeat, reflect and redo.

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