oldForecast 4/13

The moon enters Libra at 4:33 a.m. ET. We may long for connection today.

This is certainly about relationship, but also a connection to a religion or spiritual practice. Put yourself somewhere beautiful today. A walk in a park, museum, nature can do wonders for the soul; allow yourself to walk without thought, just observing the beauty around you. Put yourself in the company of those you truly love; if the relationships are also a bit thorny, do your best to dodge the usual snares.

Today is my parents’ 62nd anniversary and although it is indeed a milestone to note, only one spouse will mark it. My father has severe dementia, and often does not remember that he has a wife, let alone how many years of marriage. He certainly has no memories of what constructed all those decades. So this is an example of the want/need contrast to the extreme. My mother wants to acknowledge this milestone, but she needs to take care of herself which means she will not spend a great deal of painful time with my father. Not every situation offers the ability to reconcile the want/need contrast.

crocusMusic soothes. A restlessness may overcome in the evening; check in with yourself. Is there a misalignment between what you want and need? For instance, sometimes a person can really want a certain relationship, but the desired one cannot meet his/her needs. Then again, being in a relationship that meets needs but doesn’t gratify, can also create the half-empty sensation.

Another example is the gal who really wants a new pair of shoes out of her budget but needs to reign in credit card spending. Both examples are situations where to satisfy the want is in contrast to meeting the need. If the need is met, than the person somehow still feels wanting.

The restlessness can be allayed by suspending action. Take note of the dilemma and ask for guidance. The message comes in the next 48 hours if you are willing to accept it.

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