IMG_0915Forecast 12/12  

A Mercury/Jupiter picture suggests that you may receive a delightful text/email/message in the early morning. Some people may get that “act now for a FREE___” which really does pan out, but don’t answer any call that you don’t know to be legit.

It may be very hard to get out of the house or on track this morning; a heavy demand may bum you out. If no one criticizes you as effectively as yourself, be sure to give that tendency a light touch and be done with it.

Definitely don’t let someone else squash your confidence.

The Moon is void-of-course/VOC* at 7:48 am ET. This is when you can revel in some sweet childlike moments. Let the playfulness in, if only for a few breaths.

The Moon enters Virgo at 10:19 am, when the sweep for action has a definite direction. Gather likeable co-workers and friends to work on a project or a cause. Regardless of what the goal is, there is a spiritual connection that calls you to action.

Daydreaming may derail you in the evening and alcohol may have a stronger effect than usual.

Keep your head in the game, especially if you’re involved in physical activity or driving. Distractions abound and you don’t want to be the victim of someone’s negligence, nor cause someone else an upset because of a lapse.

*Moon VOC/Void-of-Course… in Leo, you do well to play: window-shop, go to a museum or performance, flirt, and make some artwork. Get in touch with a spirit of generosity; warm people with compliments. Observe whether or not you get the appreciation you require and if not, give yourself a lift.

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