moneyMoney Signs in Your Horoscope

Money: mean green.

Are you made of money—why not?

Money doesn’t grow on trees.

Can you put your mouth where money is? … because money talks.

Our phrases for money are short but not always sweet. It all depends on your comfort zone with money.

Some people seem to be born under a lucky sign; money flows in their direction. Others search for the map of how to get money or struggle to be solvent.

Can astrology lead you to wealth and financial well-being? What are the money signs in the horoscope?

zodiac wheelFirst, the word “signs” has a few meanings to an astrologer. There are 12 signs that divide the 360° wheel of the horoscope.

The “signs” are not in the same area as space as the constellations, even though they are named after them.

You are born under a sign which indicates where the Earth was in relation to the Sun when you were born. This is your Sun sign, which you can read forecasts for in magazines and websites.

But the position of the Sun when you were born only shows one side of your makeup; it shows how you want to shine and be identified.

The Sun sign does not always indicate your money life, unless other factors in your horoscope directly support its expression. In other words, does your Sun shine bright when you think about money or are there too many clouds in the way?

So what are the “signs” you can look for to better understand your relationship with money as indicated in your horoscope?

The Moon’s position at your birth also fell into a sign, which actually indicates more than the Sun about your relationship with money.

The Moon changes sign every 2.5 days, so it paints a more intimate portrait of who you are than the Sun which changes every 30 days. The Moon shows who you are instinctually. It represents your habits, memories and intuition. When you go with your gut, you are acting out the Moon.

When your Moon sign and Sun sign are harmonious, your emotions feed your goals for self-expression. When you shine bright, you feel great!

Yet if the signs that the Sun and Moon are in have radically different agendas, you have to be very self-aware, so that you both sides of you are considered. You cannot do one at the expense of the other.

cloud sunIf you are at the top of your game (Sun) professionally, but you don’t feel the emotional security (Moon) that supports this, you may never feel you have enough money. If you make the money that provides the comfort you require (Moon), then you probably are not doing the work that makes you happy (Sun).

For instance, if you were born when the Moon was new, the signs for the Sun and Moon were the same. If not suppressed by another “cloud” (for instance, another planet also in line with that new moon point), your self-expression is in alignment with what makes you feel safe.

The Moon sign trumps the Sun when looking at money, because the moon indicates what makes you feel secure, comfortable, nurtured as well as your instinctual habits.

The Moon sign shows your perception of security as a child, so it demonstrates how your unconscious responses dictate your present.

Venus was the goddess of Love and she expected to receive love from everyone, including gifts in homage. As a result, Venus is the planet that reveals how you receive money and what you value in life.

Depending on the sign and placement of Venus in your horoscope, you may not be overly interested in money or it may consume you. How Venus relates to your Moon sign geometrically provides tremendous insight as to your money health.

Child piggy-bankVenus lets you know what you want, but the Moon shows you what you need. When these two are not in harmony, the individual experiences an inherent discomfort with money.

If your money signs are not harmonious, this does not mean that you are financially doomed!

Sometimes the friction is what makes you strive harder. However, self-awareness helps you enjoy what you have. Otherwise you may be continually scrambling, while another person would be more than satisfied with what you’ve achieved.

If however lack of money is an ongoing problem, you may feel defeated before you begin. When you know the signs in the horoscope, you understand why you feel that way and you can work to modify your perception.

Astrology is not destiny, but it can forewarn us of our potential pitfalls as well as steer us to success.

Finally, the horoscope is divided into 12 areas of life that are called “houses”. The money houses are 2 and 8, so their activity in your horoscope gives more information about your money. You can create your horoscope wheel through this link

When you know the signs that the Sun, Moon and Venus were in at your birth, your money awareness and financial well-being can improve. Not everyone wants to analyze his/her own horoscope. Are you ready to invest in self-awareness so that you have what you need in understanding how you operate financially?

If you want to know more about your money signs, how to open to receiving or get a handle on your financial forecast, contact me directly for a quick or comprehensive overview.