Tuesday 2/24 New Moon in Pisces is a time of creative beginnings and an opportunity to plant seeds for spiritual renewal. Dreams may be vivid though indecipherable. If you take time to reflect on them, they may well be revelatory.

The Pisces New Moon happens at a time of year when a slow thaw has begun in spite of the cold.  Symbolically, what in your life may have seemed frozen? Think in terms of what is hard becoming softer and what is brittle gaining some suppleness.

There is tremendous power behind any enterprise or goal set in motion at this time. To go the distance will require emotional stamina and the ability to meet strict requirements. Nonetheless, if you launch an idea and are willing to see it through, angels may lift you to unexpected heights.

Even if it’s not your usual habit, this is a wonderful day to pray. Be sure to include someone you don’t know.