5/27/2010 For early birds, correspondence that gets out can have a big impact; you can also launch it the night before and time it to sail out at 5 am ET.

The moon is VOC for just a heartbeat: 7:13 am to 7:15 am ET when it enters Sagittarius.

This creates the momentum for the Full Moon which is exact at 7:07 pm ET. You can culminate the energy of your big vision, big goals with laying out the foundation to get it done. Think about the opposition of Gemini/Sagittarius…. it’s grammar school stretching toward the dreams of the bigger world. You don’t get the masters degree without a solid background in your chosen field.

©Vincent Jacques

Education can be where your focus is now, or it can be a metaphor for another mountain you’re climbing. Don’t get so involved in the trail that you forget to look around you. It could very well be that there are answers to inspire new direction that you’ll miss if you’re to focused on the “how”.

Uranus slips into Aries at 9:48 pm ET, striking a catalyst for change which will be felt by many. If you’ve been thinking about some adjustments or new beginnings, it’s possible your inner warrior will determine the time has come. If you’re not feeling the direction yet, pay attention to sparks that catch your eye, they can be indications of shifts you will implement at a later date.

It’s highly likely today will keep you guessing and on your toes. Step lightly!

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