A Horoscope Wheel tells a Story. How it Unfolds Is a Question of Decisions along the Way. You Know You Have a Story that Has Been with You Since Birth.
You Are Its Director
• You Decide the Actors in It
• You Choose which Scenes Get the Most Emphasis
• You Select how the Main Character Deals with Challenges and Rewards
• Believe it or not, You Determine The Budget and what You Do with It
• And You Conclude if it Has a Happy Ending

I am so excited to be launching my virtual astrology tutoring! I got the message: so many people have told me they’d love to learn astrology, but they don’t have time. When I studied astrology initially, I lived in NYC and was single, so I would go to one or two classes every week.

Living in the suburbs I’ve learned people don’t necessarily go out once they’ve come home. But technology has given us ways to create community in a similar way to how I started my studies in the apartments of astrologers. I decided to create my Inner Mythology Circle, so you can make your own time.

You can build a community of astrology friends as you’re learning. This is the best way to learn; it’s language immersion… and if you’re as lucky as I was, you will make some friends for life.