networkers, aquarius moonDo the Nasty Job First Thing

There is a work habit that encourages you to get the least appealing job done first.

This may be your consistent routine or not. If it is, power up this morning and watch it fly.

You may hit an impasse as the day continues and that’s the time to regroup and look for new ideas/information. If you prefer to procrastinate and do fun things first and then tackle the tough nut, you might try another approach this morning.

Although I admit to a preference of getting the hard job done first, some days don’t roll out that way.

The schedule may require another orientation. Or focus is off and there’s no sense of accomplishment; this can happen depending on the planetary weather.

Since this should not be the case today, fly through the morning, then take your break. By mid-afternoon you may simply be spinning your wheels.

You don’t want to miss good news or an opportunity when it presents itself, so enjoy a walk, some exercise or a good book to give the brain a doorway to new perspectives.