The-Waters-of-Mars, neptune directForecast 11/13 Expect action although it’s essential to keep your head.

Neptune direct today, increases the ability to concretize dreams. Nonetheless, the shift of Neptune direct can be wrenching for those who prefer to drift in the netherworld.

This preference is not confined to psychics and mediums, but to artists, dreamers and escapists; yet now the cycle turns to bring the dream plane into “reality”.

What is said or transpires is a moment in time; let your response to it be something that is true to your nature and that strengthens your stand. With Neptune direct, notice the subtle or not-so-subtle shifts that occur today… also look to the news for any message about WATER and/or drugs and healthcare (actually pharmaceuticals in the water supply is totally on topic). Certainly the aftermath of the typhoon in the Philippines is part of this as well as the continuing outcome of Obamacare/ACA.

Dr. Who fans will remember the riveting episode of The Waters of Mars which emphasized the value of water as our greatest power and most valuable resource.

When Neptune in Pisces last occurred (1847-1861) a huge cholera epidemic in England killed hundreds of people through a contaminated well. This led to Louis Pasteur’s theory that microorganisms spread disease as well as the first drinking water treatment systems built in the U.S.

Neptune in Pisces also seems to highlight class division- In the mid 1800s the machine age created unrest and the rise of Marxism. Today the demand for “designer water” removes the natural water supply in both third world countries and U.S. rural communities. This trend coupled with the shrinking middle class, is an incubator for united movements to bring the dream home.

Neptune in Pisces also magnifies drugs and pharmaceuticals, which one could argue is the biggest cause of health and financial crisis at present. As I write this post the day before I am struck by the radio broadcast: Reinventing the Dwindling Middle Class May Take a Revolution and how the drug industry seems like the only course for many a small town.

On a personal level with today’s shift, do you notice any difference in what is your perceived reality? ©Cucinell 2013- all rights reserved