The planet Neptune turned Retrograde on the Summer Solstice when the moon was void-of-course; this may have seemed as though nothing really happened, but of course, every minute of every day, something happens.

Neptune symbolizes spiritual longing; when we are in synch with this vibration we sound the highest octave of Love. However, if we are totally out of alignment, we feel victimized, lost and hopeless. Neptune paints a spectrum from the Savior, Mystic,Genius, Artist, Guru, Addict, Escapist, Victim and — everything in between.

With Neptune Retrograde, creativity and the ability to visualize heartfelt intentions can magnify. These next several months can be the perfect time to see something as it truly is.

Neptune’s domain is illusion but the question becomes, is what we perceive as real — actually the illusion?

Just because something is harsh and final does not mean that it has the last word on what’s real. If we believe it is, so it becomes.

Neptune was the god of the sea and the waters, an apt symbol for our interconnectedness on the Blue Planet. If you’ve been feeling parched for kindness, calm and imagination, now is time to drink from the well.

This Neptune Retrograde has several points to consider. It makes an exact square to Jupiter. Also in retrograde at present, Jupiter in Sagittarius crosses with Neptune, which can hone the blade that cuts through the mists. This can abolish fantasy that conflicts with truth. It can also give one the courage to claim the validity of their dreams.

We live in a time of continued assault by information and the news which has become its own illusion of reality. Give yourself an electronic detox. At least one day a week would be delicious. Or whatever span of time you can manage without compromising work or obligations.

For some of us, Neptune prompts tears. You may weep easily or seldom. During this period tears may surprise you, Neptune Retrograde provides opportunity to ferry grief. With Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, many people continue to deal with loss – financial, possessions, death.

Every one of us bear witness to the loss and disintegration of structures and institutions. The world as we know it is changing, as is the Earth itself. This can trigger a sense of mourning. Loss leaves openings for new life and growth. Tears allow the flow of revelation and inspiration.

When Retrograde, Neptune allows us to see the illusion for what it truly is. If we drink too much, self-medicate or numb ourselves with other habits of denial, the veil shifts… our comfort mechanisms no longer work and we face a challenge. Some cling to the habit as though it is their identity; others enter a time when they recognize the crutch as the true problem. Like a drowning person who lucks into a playful dolphin that nudges them to the surface, we can inhale oxygen and feed our brain the element that breathes Life.

Or the fantasy may be that a certain job or lifestyle is our only option.

Or the illusion can be that someone is our enemy or has no credibility because of their skin color, country of origin, class, gender or sexual identification, politics or religion. These are toxic illusions of separation that do not make a person or society stronger.

Planets all symbolize things as well as domains in the psyche. Neptune = actors, addicts, abstractions, aesthetics and angels, bartenders, blackmailers and bliss, chemists and con men, dealers, disguises, dreamers and divination, enigmas and evasion….

I can go through the alphabet of characters and realms that Neptune engulfs. But I must include institutions, gases, oil, prisons and slavery,

Possibly the most important things to keep in mind are the poisons that are unseen. Make sure your carbon monoxide detector functions.

But also listen and sniff for the more insidious toxins — what disables us in conversation, thoughts, prejudices and nuances of behavior. Neptune Retrograde enables a new understanding of a government’s system of incarceration and the acceptance of subtle and overt slavery. More people get “woke” and those who think they already are — may be ready for further enlightenment.

Think of Neptune Direct as a roiling river swollen with rain. We can become bloated with images, creative juices flow and speculation abounds. With Neptune Retrograde, the turbidity settles. All the peripheral “stuff” settles to the bottom and we can see the true shapes and colors of what is the core content.

Meditation and reflection wipe the fog away with heightened clarity. With Neptune Retrograde in Pisces, we can dissolve the mists of confusion and sink into the truth that Love and connectedness is our birthright. The first step is to invite the possibility.

If meditation and reflection are not in your routine, then take a walk by a lake, ocean, waterfall or rushing stream. Water flows, ebbs, hydrates and refreshes. Water is necessary for life, as is Love. Whether you do this in actuality or use it as a metaphor: dive in!

Neptune Retrograde June 21 through November 27, 2019