The New Moon is today at 10:19 pm EDT. In the dark womb of Cancer, we return to our roots whether cozy or conflicted. There’s a great sweep of strength through the day, girding the ability to deal with emotional issues with a warrior’s focus. Venus is approaching opposition to Jupiter, which can symbolize a swelling of opportunities. Invitations can flood in, family get-togethers, friends from the past, Leos planning birthday celebrations. The trick may be in deciding which to act on, but choose the events that bring a smile as you contemplate them. New Moon energy throbs from today through the next couple of days, setting up the stage for the coming weeks. 

There is a spontaneity propelled by Uranus that can cause some sudden decisions which can be beneficial, especially if you’ve been feeling stuck. You might want to pay attention to messages that come in the next few days, whether verbal or symbolic.

This is a new beginning time that bodes well for action in the realm of finances, real estate, home improvement, family and gardening, to name a few.  I’m making plans to visit my sister’s family in VT, organize my financial files, paint a room and pick some blueberries (not all in the same day!) And yes, it’s very good to be near or in water to connect to the pull of the moon, so I certainly intend to spend some of the day swimming.