The 2019 New Moon in Pisces on March 6 at 11:04 AM ET has a depth specific to the last sign on the zodiacal wheel. It expands the void to allow more possibilities. Perhaps we are at a point of exhaustion — the endless cycle of negative spin on the news, the repetition of one foot in front of another with no gaze at an infinite expanse.

A pause is required. What creates the space for that?

The Dark of Moon invites preparation BEFORE the spark of the New Moon. It is our window into infinite options… and presents opportunity to pause, to consider what may be… and to breathe. This particular Dark of Moon urges reflection with Mercury Retrograde as of March 5 at 1:19 PM ET (through March 28).

At dark of moon, I like to think about the ancient goddess Hecate, the midwife of birth and death. Picture a strong, giant woman standing high above crossroads; she projects a quiet, watchful presence. She is there to shepherd you through your journey.

A powerful symbol of transformation in the ancient world, Hecate devolved to an ugly crone as patriarchal societies achieved dominance. As a result, we are taught to fear death, because with it comes the destruction of life as we know it. Yet we all must die.

All through our lives we have opportunities to shift into transformation with Grace. The mother who conceives or gives birth shifts irrevocably whatever the outcome of that process. The child whose parent dies gains a new orientation whether present for the death or not. Throughout our lives we go through passages that forever change our approach to life, whether conscious of that or not,

It’s as though as soon when we are born we are already training for the ultimate passage.

The hubris of humans is to reach for physical immortality and as a result, we lost understanding of transcendence. The moon’s travel through the sky captivated the ancients because of its predictable cycle. In modern language, we can use the lunar cycle as an energetic reboot.

When we clear space in our minds and hearts, we invite inspiration, opportunity and change. When we expand our lungs, we refresh the spirit. When we exhale, we release what no longer serves us. The interesting thing about breath, is that it is a continual reminder of the cycle of release to refresh.

The symbol of Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions and suggests the yin/yang symbol. With this upcoming Pisces New Moon, let the mantra be: release and invite.

It’s easy to be confused in the early hours today; people wake with a longing – and not everyone is clear what they long for nor comfortable articulating it. So there may be coded conversations, which work when people know one another well, but can also leave some of us wanting. The night before if possible, get clear of your desired direction and practice the articulation of it. Write it down, say it aloud, make it yours.

If you feel cloudy, start small. Give yourself a treat for breakfast: cappuccino, fresh figs or whatever gives you a reason to linger. Be sure to give yourself time to linger.

The confusion may be just within you, or may include another; it depends on the plan. When one person declares the goal, the other is left to either challenge it or go along with it. If another’s opinion matters to you, be sure you get a concrete response before you proceed. When people share a common goal at this time, their ability to make it a reality excels. On the other hand, if people are at odds with the how or the outcome, they encounter detours that seem to distract.

Regardless, much can be accomplished and lead to a positive outcome. In the wee hours, 3:35 AM ET, Uranus glides back into Taurus. You may awaken with a prophetic dream or feel the thrust of inspiration when you rise.

The best way to avoid confusion or mixed signals is to meditate, take your time and listen well. If you do this, you can enjoy the creative possibilities that the day presents. A Sun/Neptune picture in the sky enhances the ability to bring light to whatever goal, project or idea is before you. Do not limit yourself with a complete vision of what obtainment looks like. Absolute fulfillment can be so much more than you may imagine.

This is not your garden-variety New Moon… it is coupled with Awakening energy and for those ready to take a leap into the bold expectations before us, do so with faith, confidence and the absolute assuredness that you are here now for a reason and your step forward is influential.

Blessings, light & love!

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