IMG_4072Forecast 6/17 

An emotional motherlode may seem to wield an inordinate influence on every activity. Although there is a bright creative spark available to buoy up any loaded agenda.

If you are weighted down by feelings, do not suppress them, allow them voice. Acknowledge the feelings and listen to them and then move through them.

You don’t want to cycle endlessly through the same story without looking for new clues within it. If you go back in your mind to a familiar scene, what do you see that is new in it?

Explore the room with dogged determination; there is something new to observe. While you’re reflecting, remember that the past is gone forever; you cannot change it.

You can however, change your relationship with the past memory. Be active in the emotional undertow, if it comes your way.

Go with it, but keep your head above water. Eventually, it takes you to a new shore.

If you do not find yourself in an emotional current, you may be swept into one by a spouse, friend, family member or co-worker.

Objectivity may not be possible until you are swept into the feelings. Once they wash over you, a fresh perspective can occur.

This is a highly productive day for strategy, financial considerations and plans for long-term goals.

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