winter woodsOn the Eve of New Year 2016

Astrology of 12/31/15

Morning brings opportunity and a pervasive sense of well-being.

If this is not your experience, connect with nature ASAP; whether you observe sunlight or clouds, touch bark or snow, feel your feet on cold hard earth or the crunch of sand, nature reminds you that nothing stays the same and you are a part of this wise and eternal Earth.

Count your blessings: your breath, your capacity to love and open yourself up to receive. Sometimes, in order to receive we first have to surrender our attachment to how we think it should go.

Give your body some sort of movement celebration: an exercise class, a yoga routine, a walk through the woods. To do this without the distraction of conversation is like a prayer and meditation.

The Virgo Moon this New Year’s Eve indicates that many benefit from an overall tone to be of service. A message of taking responsibility and a willingness to do the work supersedes a marketing tradition geared towards partying. For those who seek them, parties exist, but an opportunity for peaceful resonance is also available.

2016It is valuable to write down your intentions for the New Year— this isn’t quite the same as resolutions.

An intention leaves space for whatever or whomever may present themselves to help put your intention into existence. It may require a bit of resolution on your part, if you feel you resist the mystical unfolding of the intention.

You may also have to put something in motion to allow the intention the foundation required for it to expand to fullness.

However, your intention can be World Peace, which starts as a vibration within all those who invite it as a possibility. We cannot resolve to make it a reality by sheer force of will, but we can intend it to be so.

With the Virgo Moon’s emphasis, we may also intend a greater awareness of our relationship with the Earth. Whatever you put in motion today or intend has great potential for growth, so no matter how small the movement, do so.

Wishing you a blessed and delightful last day of 2015— and all the days that follow.

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