new moon westchester nyForecast 1/1

Although it seems amazing that the New Moon occurs on New Year’s Day, it does happen every 19 years. When we merge the lunar calendar on to the man-contrived solar calendar, the lunar cycles repeat every 19 years. So if you remember 1995, the first day of the year had that same spark of newness.

The Capricorn New Moon occurs at 6:14 a.m. and sets an unusually strong foundation for the day. I say “unusual” because the New Moon is not always the best day to actually start something. Often it’s not until the energy “sets” that one can launch or take off with a concept, project or connection easily. Think of the first walk of a toddler… a bit unsteady. However, every now and then a baby is born to move with assurance. In that case, the ideal is that s/he’s headed in the right direction. This particular New Moon starts the year with a firm promise of action. Resolutions that you make today have a good chance of going the distance, so choose well where to put that focus.

New beginnings emphasized at the Capricorn New Moon are anything to do with your business, banking, responsibility to your health, obligations and long-term goals. This is a great time to evaluate anything you’ve been working on for a long time, or to initiate a big picture endeavor. Discipline is a key word at this time, so think in terms of what you can carry out that requires consistent effort. Years ago I was reminded that to be disciplined is to be “a disciple of one’s Spirit”, so if you associate the word “discipline” negatively, you might want to design its value on your own terms. Since part of my childhood put me in a highly structured school system, I understand the aversion to “discipline” but on the other hand, anything of value I’ve ever executed require that kind of focus.

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This particular Capricorn New Moon engages the extra wallop of the Uranus/Pluto square. Although not exact in degrees, it is close enough when coupled with the luminaries to be significant.

What exactly does that mean, Pamela? Let’s be clear, we are living in game-changing times. Uranus was discovered between the American and French revolutions and when the consequences of Ben Franklin’s concept of electricity began to have results. Uranus was the original Sky god, whose capricious wind and storms had tremendous impact on the inhabitants of Earth. The planet Uranus has been moving through the sign of Aries.

Aries is a fire sign and cardinal (which means it begins a season and connects to the Earth axis). Since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the changes brought about by Uranus onset in Aries have been unprecedented. It began this march on 3/11/2011, the day of the Fukushima disaster. We continue to deal with the repercussions of that day.

Pluto was the god of Death, the ultimate transformation. The planet was discovered at the rise of psychoanalysis, exploration of radioactive elements and the buildup of power between the World Wars. It’s no accident that the mainly man-made fuel and substance of destruction is called Plutonium.

Pluto has been in the sign of Capricorn since 2008. As you recall, this was the beginning of the international financial meltdown. The sign of Capricorn symbolizes institutions, corporate structures and the financial world. Pluto is charged by the Capricorn New Moon this January 1 which also engages Uranus: the planet of transformation at odds with the planet of change and the unexpected. What gives this New Moon even more juice is that fast-traveling Mars is in the mix in the sign of Libra.

Mars was the god of war and desire. Although Mars-Pluto configurations are profoundly powerful, the sign of Libra does offer a strategic coolness which can temper a need for power and control.

If the signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn are strong presences in your horoscope, you may find this a particularly charged time. Since the energy is combustible, you can certainly get sideswiped if you aren’t paying attention. Expect to see something in the news that symbolizes this either by an explosion from within or someone who attracts one. That doesn’t mean you need to fear this event, quite the contrary, but it is incendiary energy; you take precautions before a bonfire or fireworks are lit.

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