flying-carpetForecast 12/31 New Year’s Eve

The Taurus Moon suggests a party at home with good food may fill the soul more than a bustling evening out.

Yet plenty will make the trip to Times Square, clubs or events. Early evening may bring out some aggressive energy, so if you encounter any, give it a wide berth.

It’s best to not forget the exercise routine or at least a long walk through a lovely environment. In spite of the Taurus tendency to take things slowly and enjoy the tactile delights, the evening brings a coercive component that engages and perhaps attacks.

Choose your reactions carefully, after all, the bull is known to stampede. This doesn’t necessarily have to be an angry expression, it can lead to highly stimulating exchanges that actually have great productivity.

Stimulation may create financial opportunities or romantic fulfillment. This particular New Year’s it behooves you to make some concrete wishes. Even better, visualize a crystal clear picture of what you intend to bring forward or make happen in 2015. The magnetic energy crackles with a powerful mandate to ferry an idea to Earth and make it real. Thoughts create realities.