IMG_1610Forecast 4/2

Dreams may be disruptive, but don’t let them challenge your ability to rest. Keep a notepad by the pillow and jot down anything that seems important. Then go back to sleep.

Early risers do best by avoiding any communication; work out ideas instead mentally or through writing.

You may be very comfortable where you are and resent someone’s need to push you in another direction. Or you may be the one happily situated and bothered by someone else’s demands. Work on negotiating common ground.

The Taurus Moon sets the mood for savoring the moment, so if possible, give yourself some ambiance to go with it. This can satisfy all parties concerned.

A Moon/Saturn picture in the early evening may stir up a sense of lack; this is a temporary mood and hits some harder than others. If you feel this, give yourself some time and avoid conversations which may emphasize the feeling.

A Mercury/Saturn picture makes this a terrific day for sharpening your ideas through writing. This can benefit editing or a strategy for a business venture.

Hold back on initiating anything, but reflect on the structure needed to best lead to success.

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