IMG_3481NOVEMBER 2015 Forecast– all times ET:

November slows down the action a bit after a rather tumultuous September and October.

Neptune seems to begin its direct motion on November 18 from our point-of-view. This may increase a need for spiritual connection, creative expression or a desire to escape. If you experience the latter, be especially careful of medications, whether for health, stress or recreation.

The ideal is to meditate and explore your imagination and any visionary ideas. If you feel weak, unsupported or victimized, help may be closer than you think, if only you reach for it.

The Scorpio New Moon occurs on November 11 at 12:47 p.m. ET.
The Gemini Full Moon occurs on November 25 at 5:44 p.m. ET.
Read more on the daily post for the details of these Moons.

Jupiter is in Virgo through early September 2016. To read the complete forecast for this cycle, go to

Saturn is in Sagittarius is in direct motion from our perspective on Earth. When the planet that symbolizes boundaries and how we take responsibility is in direct motion, it may be possible to better frame a commitment and to prioritize. A lot depends on your personal relationship with forming structure in your life and work. This is reflected in your birth horoscope which shows your natural affinity to set limits.

One of Saturn‘s lessons is to recognize fears you may have, and in the sign of Sagittarius, that can involve legal matters, higher education, travel and publishing. If you want to know more or how this may affect you, go to

Because Saturn and the outer planets are in relatively low-degree of signs, we continue to have some very long void-of-course moon periods. This occurs when the moon’s movement through the 30 degrees of a sign, passes the point when it no longer will make a geometric picture with any other planet until it leaves that sign. Since the moon symbolizes emotional attachment, the void-of-course creates a nebulous period for decisions.

For Moon VOC (void of course) Defined
All times are for Eastern Time ET

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