Obama’s birth certificate has been released as proof that he was born in the US and not in Kenya. His campaign has created a website devoted to Fight the Smears (birth certificate posted). He is acting proactively to counteract potential harm from cavalier posts and suggestions without substantiation. His natal Saturn (discipline, structure) is in opposition to the US Mercury (communication, gossip)… it’s pretty clear he is demanding accountability in what is said.

I’m writing some first impressions as I look at his horoscope in relation to the US chart and Election Day 2008. The midpoint of Neptune/Chiron is hovering on his Ascendant of 18 Aquarius. Nancy’s comment (see “Savior/Victim” blog) brings up Chiron in relation to the “pain-body”.  I think it’s telling that Obama’s Venus/Neptune midpoint is on the US Chiron. The US Chiron is in Aries, very different from Obama’s in Pisces. The Aries Chiron ignores the pain, therefore creating more of it. The Pisces Chiron seeks to heal himself through healing the whole. His Venus/Neptune midpoint can stimulate desires both negative and positive. It depends if the public is ready to heal or embarrassed or attached to its shortcomings. There does seem to be a great deal of idyllic sentiment around that day linked to him (Neptune/Mars on his Sun/Moon). This new time looks very strong for his winning the election.

I would still advise him to rest, eat right and work on a form of meditation that doesn’t involve secret cigarettes! There’s too many Neptune contacts, which have always concerned me for his health, even though he’s a young man. It is critical he finds a spiritual center, especially now that his pastor and he have parted. He certainly has the tools to find it within himself and with his Chiron in the first, lead the country by example.  But this does not mean he wants a public face with his faith; his Chiron is in a T square with his Moon and Pluto. I think it pains him to have this private part of him subject to public scrutiny, but he is well-aware of the path he must walk for the greater vision.