It may be hard for me to write this without my inherent sense of Jupiterian optimism… oh, what the heck- I can’t always be the detached Aquarian!

Obama was declared President Elect at 11pm EST time last night and dancing was going on in the streets and in many households throughout the world. The moon had entered Aquarius, the sign associated with revolution and change and a landslide victory obliterated any potential of voting booth hanky-panky.

Regardless of what side of the political fence an American stands on, the beauty of a system that has in one day equalized the playing field for all men in this country must be appreciated. In the same way that black men gained the vote before women, so too will opportunities be equalized for women in time because of this change.

The position of the moon at the time of his declared victory supports these statements. Although the divide continues (not everyone in the U.S. was dancing last night), subtle and concrete changes are occuring.  Strong connections between Venus (harmony, affection, relating) and Neptune (spiritual connections) indicate a healing of old wounds and the potential to forge new alliances.

Although confrontations and skirmishes will come up, the overall tone of this vote for change is transformational. We have fast-forwarded to a new America. We are the agents of a re-birth; now it’s time to take the responsibility of able parenting as we direct ourselves into changes that will effect generations.

Make no mistake, Obama will face real enemies and malice, but he seems poised to meet them head-on. The final aspect of this electional moon in Aquarius is sextile Pluto, which indicates America has made a decision to work with the changes coming as Pluto goes into Capricorn. More on this to come.