President Obama’s speech before Congress tonight was an example of how a transit from Saturn (discipline, fear) to Mars (assertion) can enable one to harness desire. Earlier today I wrote how important it is for Obama to stand with absolute authority against discourse.

It’s always arresting to watch astrology in action- when the President stood stern and cool while proposing major changes to healthcare, a heckler shouted “Lie!” (presently identified by A.P. as Joe Wilson from SC) My husband pointed out they do stuff like that all the time in Parliament… could this be another shift that’s occurring in our governmental body with Pluto in Cap? Can we look forward to more theatrics in Congress?

With the Saturn/Uranus oppostion, the cha-cha continues- “conservatives” act like radicals and an agent for change stands with the soberness of a judge.

This is a Mercury Retrograde address. If it’s effective, it was clear enough for Americans to digest the essence of the bill. If it’s not, confusion will continue.

And much as I love to listen to a President who has an excellent command of English, I wonder if words like “demagoguery” help drive his point home? I think of my late Nana who didn’t have that vocabulary but was one sharp cookie.

She would certainly like what he said about protecting seniors. She would also wonder if he’s presenting a “small print legalize” contract that will screw her in the long run.

I think his ego may have gotten a little in the way with this speech (Leo Sun with the Gemini Moon love of words). But I do think he held the Saturn energy of patriarchal authority. This was especially obvious when he paused, composed and calm while the disruptions occurred. Time will tell.