pumpkins, scorpio moonOCTOBER 2015 Forecast– all times ET TZ converter:

You may be processing those eclipses that occurred in September- they tend to reverberate for up to six months. As a result, action takes place in October, that can manifest in either physical, emotional or psychological results.

The Libra New Moon occurs at 19° 20” on October 12 at 8:06 p.m. ET.

The Taurus Full Moon occurs on October 27 at 8:05 a.m. ET.
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Mercury continues retrograde motion until October 9. When retrograde, a planet does not actually go backwards, but appears to do so from Earth’s perspective. The phenomena occurs because Earth’s orbit moves at a different speed than the other planet. You may be sensitive to Mercury Retrograde, especially if you have strong placements of the planet Mercury or the signs of Gemini or Virgo are prominent in your birth horoscope.

Many people also notice the “shadow of the retrograde”. This occurs when Mercury is technically direct, but backtracks over its retrograde path to where it was when it began.

Mercury is Retrograde in Libra, an air sign. Air signs symbolize verbal communication and thought, also the realm of computers, litigation, marketing and publishing. With Mercury Retrograde in Libra, things may go awry in negotiations, contracts and discussions. However, the lessons learned at this time create better systems.

Libra is the sign connected to diplomacy, negotiation, mediation and intimate relationships (both romantic and professional). For more about Mercury Retrograde in general,…

Venus finishes her “shadow” path from the summer’s retrograde on October 10. If you’d like a primer on Venus Retrograde 

Jupiter continues in Virgo through early September 2016. To read the complete forecast for this cycle, go to

Saturn is now firmly in Sagittarius, where it will stay until December 2017. For an idea how Saturn in Sagittarius affects you, click here

Pluto remains retrograde, which can indicate deep inner work. When retrograde, Pluto calls into question what you do or do not need. It’s an excellent time to evaluate unconscious habits that get you into situations or routines that you’d like to change. P

luto retrograde offers an opportunity to take greater control of your life through recognition of defensive behavior and unproductive patterns. A call or memory from the past may trigger a theme for the next several months.

Moon VOC (void of course) Defined-