On Your Two Feet

Connect to those who get it; cleave from those who don’t. It doesn’t have to be hard, but it does have to be done.

Depending on your orientation, it can be difficult to step away from old relationships. Just because you love, respect, value or have a comfortable rapport with someone, doesn’t mean that you both are on the same path.

On the other hand, you may butt your head with someone on a regular basis, or feel that you simply are not heard. Whether the relationship is somewhat suffocating or exasperating, it may be time to move away from it.

Sometimes this manifests in a way you see yourself, so not so much another person, but where you limit you. It’s time to wriggle out of the familiar net and strike out into wider waters. You can do this.

There is tremendous energetic support for those who build new support systems. First you have to find what truly does support you.