Forecast 5/16 

©Cucinell 2015

©Cucinell 2015

The Moon enters Taurus at 3:02 a.m. ET.

This begins an excellent weekend to lay groundwork for fresh starts and finish up old business.

We enter the Dark of Moon period, which is particularly fecund because of the Taurus Moon.

Early morning (for those who are awake) may present the need for an adjustment, either in the day’s plans or your expectations. Those who sleep in may see these results after the fact.

Yet the Taurus Moon enjoys an affiliation with Venus, the goddess of Love and Attraction.

Since Venus is presently in Cancer, the Moon in an Earth sign and the Water Venus create a synergistic platform to enhance the abundance available with this coming New Moon. Allow yourself to experience the wealth that Nature suggests is yours- get outside!

A Venus/Neptune picture in the sky intensifies feelings of love and spiritual connection.

For those who create, there is a rich vein of gold to mine. Let yourself feel the Love that is the direct result of your time on this Earth. In the same way a riverbed swells after a good rain, feelings can move and shape shift.

If your cup runneth over with a sense of abundance, let it flow. If you are in a place of release as feelings overwhelm and wash over you, reach out to those who want to help and support you.

This is a perfect time to sail ahead with good ballast; don’t deny yourself the opportunity to receive.

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