holiday_hugForecast 12/4

A Venus/Jupiter picture in the sky suggests terrific luck and good fortune is available, especially if it comes through relationship. This can stem from financial advice, a friendship or lover, real estate or perhaps a teacher.

If you’ve been planning to make a move in career, go back to studies, contact a love interest or make a proposal, this may be the day, especially before mid-afternoon.

It is essential that you are willing to take responsibility for whatever opportunity you invite in, because their is “payment” required. In the same way that a winning lottery ticket is only a good thing if you pay your taxes and manage it well, so too any wealth or love that presents itself at this time.

So open your arms, your heart and be prepared to do the work to maximize the gift’s potential. Choices must be made, or scattering resources leaves you empty-handed.

A Sun/Uranus picture in the early evening suggests out-of-the blue invitations and inspirations. Be prepared to be light on your feet, or sit back and watch others dance.

Mars enters Aquarius beginning a cycle of major movements in networking and social media; Mars is the planet that signifies desire, assertion and passion. Among other things, Aquarius is the sign of community organizing and the internet. If you have strong placements of Aries or Aquarius in your horoscope you may recognize a shift in where you put your energy over the next weeks.

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