Conservatory Conversations ©Cucinell 2011

Pace yourself

If you read yesterday’s post, today may feel like a flip of it.

This is a perfect morning to enjoy a routine, take care of the little things that don’t often get attention and enjoy the view.

However, if you have unavoidable plans, then know that you may need more time than anticipated. Appreciate the moments, even if things are not going as you expected.

There is tremendous authority in a message, but this may not be the time to convey it. Listen with care to what your hear, especially midday.

You may feel an urge to step up to the plate, but something stops commitment.

Timing is everything. Let the impulse stay with you and feed it over the next few days.

If it has the strength to go the distance, you will know. Sometimes we feel a call to speak, but don’t have the words to make the point.

Gather research and take responsibility for it to increase its power and effectiveness. Give yourself time to get the information needed to make your point. It often begins with a conversation.