IMG_3383Forecast 5/4

This is not the morning to bring up a sore point with your spouse or partner. Yet there is a way to navigate through a thorny issue, if you keep your eyes open and stay present.

The strong need to assert power or make a bid for independence can be addressed, but only with a willingness to hear both views. The endgame is compromise, which requires humility, that ever-illusive ingredient in relationship, not to be confused with absolute suppression of needs.

Anything you birth or broker today will have “a life of its own”; therefore careful choices lead to overall success. A zest for the journey aids in its auspicious outcome.

Be sure to contact or reach out to those in authoritative positions, if only to say “hello”. It helps to be in the forefront of their minds in the near future.

A special dinner at home and/or with family members leads to restorative insight.