Perceived Reality Limitations

Unfortunately, yesterday’s flow hits the logjam today; whatever seemed possible may hit the realities of Mercury retrograde or a reality hangover.

None of this is permanent, so baby yourself (and those around you who need more of the same).

Long walks near water, long gazes out the window and big sighs all help put more space in your brain and heart.

There’s a big need to connect, and the dots may seem too far away from one another to make that happen. So we have to physically (or psychically) move the dots!

Too often we actually BUY the limitations of perceived reality. This does not have to happen today (or any day, for that matter).

If you find this proposal preposterous, once again I suggest that you take long walks and long gazes. Often we have to get outside our very intelligent, well-ordered brains to allow the magic to happen.

You don’t know everything! Isn’t that a relief? Turn it over to a Higher Power. Be willing. See what happens. Much love!