fullmoonnasaThe Pisces Full Moon occurs on August 29, 2015 at 2:35 PM ET; although the night may be foggy, the beauty should radiate.

A Jupiter/Neptune picture ramps up the glamour and fantastic mood for this lunar light. This can lead to fantasy fulfillment or tipping over the edge; it all depends on how willing you are to follow through with the requirements for full realization of the goal.

Another strong component of this energy is the potential for healing; communication and a willingness to reach common ground, no matter how disparate the values, is possible.

This is the Full Moon before September’s New Moon/Solar Eclipse, so the urge to complete, confront and move on may increase emotions. Whatever themes are at play in your life may hit a crescendo; something culminates and may be finishing. Register for the free monthly forecast of September’s eclipses & meditations here

cross_rockThe Sabian Symbol for the Pisces Moon at 6-7° is: “A cross lying on the rocks”. This conjures many reactions, depending on one’s religious history. When the vertical line in longer, the cross is a symbol for Christianity. It is the haunting reminder that Christ died for all humanity in his quest for Universal Love.

So a “cross” lying on rocks could have been uprooted from a gravesite or a marker where someone had died. It is not uncommon to see a cross on a roadside to remind the passerby that a life or lives where lost. The “cross” in Christianity is a continual reminder of mortality; that in time we all become dust.

CrosscircleYet the cross is an older symbol than the Christian faith.

When the vertical and horizontal lines are equal, it is an ancient symbol of heaven and earth. The picture of a horoscope begins with a cross bordered by a 360° circle. The horizontal line of the cross depicts the horizon/earth plane. The vertical line reaches for the heavens and plumbs the depths to the other side of the world.

The cross in essence shows our material reality and yearning for the beyond.

For the Sabian Symbol to put the cross flat on the rocks, we are encouraged to be alert to the attachment to the earth plane. To achieve its energetic perfection, the cross is upright; this keeps us aligned to our ability to stretch beyond what we perceive as the limits of our reality.

This is how the ancients viewed the symbol of the cross. The Christians built on this the promise of Redemption through the Christ. More about this Pisces Full Moon symbolism…