The New Moon in Pisces occurs at 3:46 pm ET at 13°56”. The Sabian symbol for this point is: “Lady in a fox fur”. Although our culture has evolved to a place where not everyone thinks of fur as a status symbol, this snapshot image from 1925 conjures exactly that. If you can suspend judgment, think in terms of “cunning” coupled with “creativity and beauty”.

This new moon invites you to connect with an animal talisman if that feels right; if you don’t usually work with animal symbols, keep alert to what might cross your path. Here in the Northeast, I mainly see the occasional bird because of the harsh weather, but animals can come in ways other than physical encounters.

You might flip channels and catch a Discovery channel program on otters, or meet a woman in a shop wearing a rabbit pin. You might dream about a whale.

What is it that you’d like to bring out from your heart and spirit into the physical realm? Your animal guide might give you a point of view to consider.

Pisces energy is sweeping and vast, that’s why it’s the realm of drugs, fantasy and meditation. If you are dodging something, this is a time to revisit it. If you want to begin a spiritual routine, this is an auspicious time, especially if it is within a community.

New Moons are always an opportunity to begin fresh. Since Uranus will pass out of Pisces on the 11th of March, you might let certain old behaviors wash away to make way for inspired starts. If tears have been dogging you, let them flow. This can be the start of quick endings, like the erosion that creates a new landscape. Partner with change and you will feel it’s your choice.

This sets up an excellent cycle for productivity with an artistic or communication project. At the very least, enjoy these weekend evenings for dancing and music.