dolphinsForecast 3/1

The Pisces New Moon occurs at 3 a.m. ET, which creates a backdrop of creativity and spiritual direction for the Mars Retrograde. The red planet seems to stop in space (its orbit has been very slow over the past couple of weeks) as it “turns” to move backward from our perspective. Traditional astrology cautions against starting anything new during Mars retrograde, but this may not be absolute, depending on what is beginning and who is starting it. If you were born with Mars Retrograde, this may be your time. If your business is auto body repair, this may be your time. (see “March Action” post for more about Mars retrograde).

In its purity, a Pisces New Moon stimulates the potential for a new spiritual practice or creative project. Anything involving film, music, paint, illusion, service, victims, dreams, meditation or glamour receives an extra boost with Pisces energy. Institutions that have to do with health or incarceration are also in the realm of the sign of Pisces. Although these topics may seem disparate, look at it this way. Pisces supports the ability to make the dream or illusion tangible. When you are locked in an idea and a sudden flash of sunlight calls your attention, you have been captivated by beauty which is a gift. It allows you to see beyond the mundane. This is why Pisces is about the seductive pull that reminds us “there is something more!” At its best it allows us to tap into spiritual refreshment.

traffic-jamAnother way to look at this is through the concept of the Hindu interpretation of Maya: the illusion of reality. Reality becomes its own kind of prison, when we are unwilling or unable to allow it to transform into something new. Although it may be difficult to accept that we create our reality, there are many simple exercises to demonstrate how easily it can shift. One to consider as Mars goes retrograde is how you deal with traffic. When you settle in to accept the experience, you can be grateful that you’re safe, listen to nice music or chat with your companion. When you’re pressed for time, annoyed or anxious, the traffic seems interminable, other drivers are idiots and tension mounts. Traffic can slow you down and just as magically, open up. Yet when all you feel is resistance, traffic tends to knot even more.

The New Moon occurs at 10°Pisces 39” and the Sabian Symbol** is “Men seeking illumination”. This sets up an intriguing beginning for the next few months. Mars retrograde allows the potential for deep inner mining.  Since Mars is in the sign of Libra, the emphasis is on relationship. The “illumination” is not necessarily exclusive to “men”, but does refer to active seeking as opposed to passive receiving. The ability to put oneself in another’s shoes is heightened, although not necessarily easy. There is resistance to the seduction. It’s a tight rope, not a swing set.

Transparency is essential to forge trust. Open communication about finances can build a solid foundation. If you’ve had trouble pulling your taxes together, this could be a great weekend to set up a new system.

This is a particularly fertile New Moon with retrograde Jupiter almost still in the sky as it gets ready to turn direct. What are your New Moon wishes and goals?