Pluto had been in Sagittarius from 1995 and will cycle back in 2008 from 6/13 through 11/26. Its passage will be remembered best for its symbolic connection to transformation through organized religion.

“God’s will” in the end has nothing to do with God and everything to do with the illusion of one religion’s supremacy over another’s.

As Pluto moves into Capricorn, some astrologers suggest the neo-religion will be striving for corporate dominance. It seems to me that corporations have dominated business for some time, so I imagine the changes to be internal. How a corporation works or doesn’t work will churn and bubble to reinvent itself.
As Pluto leaves Sagittarius we see indications in the academic world with Harvard’s decision to fund tuition for its middle-class students. Universities will have to re-think excesses in spending and streamline to compete and attract students with their bottom-line, not their state-of-the-art gym-spa.

Capricorn is an earth sign and our planet will be center stage during this period… through 2023! Pluto in Capricorn is about endurance. In 2012 it will mark the end of the Mayan calendar, which happened to begin when Pluto was in Capricorn (a conjunction with the winter Solstice, obviously long before its discovery).

The Shanghai World Financial Center in Singapore is slated to be finished in 2008, signifying the baton switch from West to East for financial power. As Asian nations become more solvent, their attitude towards their air and water is changing; wealth increases quality of life and no amount of shoes or technology matters when a carrot doesn’t taste like a carrot.

In the United States horoscope, natal Pluto is in late Capricorn and the next several years will determine how the US will be poised for its reassessment of its revolutionary roots in 2022. When I was researching other countries that have had Pluto returns (every 248 years) I realized a difficulty.

Most countries have gone through major political restructuring changes, so the way their government body functions seldom lasts that long (which “births” a new horoscope). Even though the US is a relatively young country compared to Europeans, the US government structure has lasted longer than most.

The UK’s national horoscope* did have a Pluto return in 1953 when a huge storm flooded a great deal of the country and took hundreds of lives. Communication went down so areas that could have been warned were not. Docklands, oil refineries, factories, cement works, gasworks and electricity generating stations were flooded and brought to a standstill. It is recorded on the BBC site that the environment secretary said: “The devastating floods of 1953 were a “once-in-250 year event” (which is the orbit of Pluto around the Sun- did she know astrology?). The other major event for the UK that year was the coronation of Queen Elizabeth.

For an individual, a Pluto transit characteristic is the sense that you must surrender all illusion of control. That’s why the less conscious a person is of how things in their life must change, the more devastating the transit can be. In time, ideally one has the sense of the phoenix rising from the ashes as life gets on another track. When a country experiences a Pluto transit, it will affect its financial or political power. Whether or not this happens through catastrophes depends on its awareness of the need for real change.

Although the US has over a decade before Pluto will return, it would behoove its government to guide corporations and planners to buttress vulnerable areas of the coastline and create environmentally secure developments. The east coast of Britain has always been at risk of coastal flooding, and there are many tenuous areas in the US.

Using the cautious and deliberate symbolism of Capricorn (the goat carefully and deliberately scaling the mountain) can benefit corporate development if it takes into account the real concerns of environmental planning. The danger in Capricorn’s symbolism can be when gain and greed become more important than responsibility.

*using the 1707 chart with the constitutional union of Scotland. One can also use the 1922 chart which is the reorganization— when it was named UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland — but that Pluto Return has a way to go.

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