I’m not certain what kind of expert titles a generation. Although these marketers? sociologists? come to conclusions through methods other than astrology, the sign that Pluto is in does reflect their consensus.

Pluto in Scorpio are the Millennials. Scorpio feels with depth, plunges into the dark realms of the psyche and enables lessons of recycling and release. Years ago, when I first read or heard the flippant reactions to this generation, it made me cringe. Over time, the Millennials have gained more respect. Scorpio is about survival and transformation.

As we approached the turn of the last century, these children came of age during great financial and environmental turmoil. On one hand they ran towards technology as a tool to gain entry into the Underworld (a world their parents could not easily enter) and on the other hand the news assaulted them with threats of shrinking economies, limited opportunities, expanding debt and crisis. They were old enough to see and experience the impact of 9/11 in the US.

In the US, this generation was saddled with education debt. Many companies no longer offer the benefits their parents enjoyed. When nothing seems permanent, people don’t look for or expect long-term jobs. If the elders in power ignored the realities of climate change, why would the Millennials bring in children or invest in property?

Not every Millennial is in this limbo state of course, and as they experience their Saturn Return (28-29 years old), the desire to transform a world they didn’t make can take hold.

Water signs feel a situation deeply and some of this generation may have been paralyzed about decisions or stymied. Yet following them, Gen Z brings in fire, which in tandem with water brings our young people’s energies to boiling point. They are, can and will work together with renewed and sustainable passion.

The Millennials recognized the world was changing and that the way of life generations beforehand experienced would not be restored. Depending on their country or family background, this might have been a positive. In first-world countries, it may have seemed that the Millennials weren’t striving hard enough. But many of them were reacting to the situations around them.

Tattoos and branding give them a sense of permanence and are strategic devices to vet allies.

The Pluto in Sagittarius generation has been dubbed Generation Z.  In contrast to the Millennials, they were born into a world that already had shifted, it’s just some of the older generations haven’t realized that yet.

Pluto in Sagittarius youth are the “digital natives”. They are diverse and identify with multiple ethnic or racial identities. Gen Z has grown up with continual wars and shifting governments. They are influenced by or the catalysts of conversations about gender identity. They tend to aim high or crash low both in their personal and public lives. Impacted by the misfires of the millennials, they are far more aware of the ramifications of social media. They connect and observe other people their age through the internet, all over the world.  “Z” is the end of the alphabet, so dare I hope “authorities” stop labeling children and start addressing how educational frames might better serve and understand the new kids?

From a Pluto in Sagittarius POV, these young people value exploration, in the physical, mental, spiritual (and sometimes) emotional realm. They push the envelope and recognize opportunity. They take risks or when they don’t or can’t, they implode. A fire sign, Sagittarius enhances self-confidence. They have a keen desire to burn with a moral code —  their beliefs are personal and embedded. They value education and enthusiasm. Their blindside is how to relate to people who do not share their beliefs or passions.

We live in a time when youth will run with the torch of truth to ignite and inspire. Without that flame of the future, humanity as we know it will not survive the climate crisis.