When the Papal Conclave declared Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the new Pope, the Uranus/Pluto square indicated his placement would precipitate irrevocable transformation.

To quote why he chose the name Francis: “He brought to Christianity an idea of poverty against the luxury, pride, vanity of the civil and ecclesiastical powers of the time. He changed history.” 

It would seem that aside from helping the poor, Bergoglio also wanted “to change history”.

Pope Francis emulates the change that may arguably lead to the survival and renaissance of the Roman Catholic Church. He is not really the maverick that conservatives fear. He was chosen through deep reflection and scrutiny by men who knew that a return to the root of the Word was required. They recognized that he could be the catalyst necessary to address wounds and problems, because he believed in building bridges through hands-on work.

In spite of the brouhaha that suggests dissent in Vatican City, Pope Francis has provided healing for an institution rocked by scandal and an antiquated approach to finances.

I grew up Roman Catholic and was parochial schooled in my formative years; my experiences ranged from inept disciplinarians who slapped me, to reflective educators who opened my mind. In high school, a vivacious graduate from Marymount College introduced me to the works of the Jesuit mystic, Teilhard de Chardin.

Pope Francis is the first pope from the Americas, as well as the first Jesuit. Jesuits are known for their educational, missionary, and charitable works. They have earned a controversial place in the Church, since they have led movements to modernize and embrace diversity, which not everyone appreciates.

iPhemerisChartThe mandate to serve is quickly apparent in the horoscope of Pope Francis. The Sagittarius Sun, along with the North Node is in his 6th house (the area of life concerned with, among other things- service). The Sun represents self-expression and how one wants to shine. The North Node is considered a destiny point: what am I here to do?

His service is not limited to washing the feet of the sick or shoveling pig manure (which he did as a young man).

With the Sun in Sagittarius, his service is to educate. His continual message can be found through Saturn (the planet that symbolizes structure). It is in the sign of Pisces (the most spiritually oriented sign) in the 9th house (symbolizes justice, religion). Saturn is in opposition to Neptune in Virgo (signifying an attention to the details of the faith).

Pope Francis was born with the planet Uranus very close to his midheaven. Uranus is the Great Awakener. People born with Uranus so prominently positioned tend to shake things up. In his case, Uranus is in Taurus, the fixed earth sign, so the disruptions have a tenacity to them.

The sign of Taurus relates to Venus, the planet symbolizing how we attract and give love. His Uranus is at a 90° angle to his Venus— a square, a challenging aspect. Yet the Venus is in Aquarius— the sign attributed to Uranus. So the planets are in “mutual reception”, symbolizing a give and take in spite of the chafe. This indicates his earned ability to encourage cooperation, something that has taken him a lifetime to achieve.

To fully appreciate his easy smile, tireless desire to bless and listen, let’s take a look at his past through his chart.

In a CNN report by Rich Brooks, Pope Francis remembers that his first tug to the priesthood occurred when he was 16 years old. He passed a church with a sudden impulse for Penance. “Something strange happened to me in that Confession,” he later said. “I don’t know what it was, but it changed my life.”

This would have been 1952 at which time Jupiter (the planet linked to Sagittarius) had just entered Taurus— triggering his midheaven and Uranus. Jupiter symbolizes knowledge, faith, justice and seeking; it is also positioned strongly in his natal chart, conjunct his Sun. That same year, Uranus crossed his Ascendant/ Rising Sign, the point that reflects the persona (how he appears to the world). When a planet crosses this point, it has finished its journey through the 12th house (the unconscious). So Uranus, the Great Awakener must have felt to him like an electric charge to act.

His mother (represented by Moon and Venus in Aquarius) wanted him to study medicine. She probably was highly intelligent and vocal. Although they might have disagreed at times, the position of the Moon indicates he felt loved and was given great confidence as a result. This is the horoscope of a man who respects women.

He enjoyed tremendous strides as he moved through the ranks of his Jesuit order in Buenos Aires. Yet the hubris that might overtake someone with the North Node/Sun/Jupiter in alignment and a strong Uranus, did just that. He alienated people in power, while bringing others to his cause. Aquarius planets may indicate someone who thinks they know better than anyone else.

From 1990-1991 he was shipped to Cordoba, and the isolation and menial post led him to his Dark Night of the Soul. At this point in time Uranus was in Capricorn and moved over the point of his Descendant (the point that symbolizes intimate relationship). This was the planet that in 1952 had introduced him to the “God of Surprises”. Forty years later he was assigned to a remote post to hear confessions. 

He spent most of his time in prayer, silence and reflection. Uranus was moving towards the great conjunction with Neptune (symbolizing the numinous, what dissolves down to the essence).

IMG_2780Today’s Pope was born in his Dark Night of the Soul. By the time the Uranus/Neptune conjunction took place in 1993, Bergoglio had come back to the fold as auxiliary bishop of Buenos Aires. He did not repeat his prior mistakes. His consulted others opinions, he listened and considered with care and compassion.

His epiphany had occurred through his work listening to confessions, truly learning forgiveness and the power of his faith.

His reign may be short, but his legacy huge.