The Pope and the President at the Dark of Moon—

Pope Francis has a Sagittarius Sun in very close degree to Donald Trump’s Moon. This often can show a “simpatico” perspective when people meet.

Since the Pope’s Sun is also at his North Node, the President’s Moon connects with that as well. This is a sign of a “karmic” relationship, one that will change both men. The President will want to ingratiate himself to the pontiff.

Surprisingly enough, because of the position of the nodal axis in their horoscopes, these men may experience a strong sense of déjà vu. With his Aquarian Moon, Pope Francis will seek to impress his message on the President.

Both men have their Sun sign (symbolizing how they “shine”) conjunct the North Node (destiny point). This indicates that pride and satisfaction in a job well done occurs when they command the center of attention. The Pope projects humility and a need to serve, yet he is not an unassuming personality. He stepped up to the opulent Vatican because he may well have believed that only he could curtail the habit of wealth by those in power.

The President responds to praise and projects a need to be the best. When he campaigned that “only he could fix it” — in reference to a multitude of issues— it was heartfelt, regardless of whether or not he can.

The meeting of the two men is to take place at the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican, which is where popes traditionally live. Pope Francis however, chose to live in a gatehouse since he eschews the trappings of wealth.

Nonetheless, he recognizes that the President needs to be received on a stage that he will respect. The timing of the meeting at the the dark of the moon suggests a tremendous possibility of profound connection.

I wouldn’t expect a John Boehner moment, but the pope certainly can impact the perspective of Donald Trump.

Whether that impact reflects in any significant policy will show as the Gemini New Moon unfolds.

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