New Moon Guided Meditations

newmoonENPractical Spirituality: New Moon Guided Meditations

The ancients observed that every New Moon offered a fertile time of New Beginnings.

Over time they realized that when they planted crops or embarked on a journey at the New Moon, it brought different results than if they did the same acts after a Full Moon.

When we live our lives in synch with the natural forces of Nature, we do not fight the Elements.

I invite you to mark your journey by observing the phases of the Moon. When you work with the natural ebb and flow, you can create a more Grace-filled life.

lotus-flower-candleEvery New Moon offers a fresh start. However, the sign that the Moon is in and where the other planets are in the sky at that particular time, make each one unique.

Every month, I offer 2 options to deepen your understanding of the Lunar Cycle. If you are close to Rye, NY, there is nothing like joining a gathering of people who share your interest in keeping step with the natural cycle. You gain perspective on the unique energies at play at the time of the New Moon as well as benefit from the power of group meditation at the lovely setting of Wainwright House. To find out more go to Wainwright House.

Whether or not you can attend the live gathering, you might also like the Timing Rite: New Moon To Go! This link is delivered to your mailbox every 28 days  before the New Moon is exact. Like an actual gathering, the New Moon To Go! maximizes the opportunities available with each New Moon. You can find ways to create a lunar practice, as well as a “heads up” on the general forecast for the upcoming cycle.

Ritual is optional, but you do want to listen to the audio.

rose petalsMost importantly, the New Moon To Go! provides effortless insight. Just listen when you have 45 minutes to give yourself… maybe you can enjoy a bath with rose petals!

However you listen, give yourself the time to enjoy without distraction. Then you’re poised for your lunar refresh and you are good to go!

Pamela blends mythology, ritual and practical spirituality with current observations to present you with useful insight and perspective. Included in the audio is a guided meditation, to help you tap into your unconscious and supply you with a strong catalyst to take action.

Pamela has facilitated New Moon Gatherings in-person for years, and if you’re in the Rye, NY area, you are welcome to participate!

If not, or if the time/date is inconvenient, try my Timing Rite: New Moon to Go!


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