IMG_3207Forecast 4/11

Clear any morning cobwebs through meditation, whether you have a solid practice or simply savor your morning cup.

This pause or “morning moment” allows you greater productivity in your day. Think of it as your “reset”. Any communication benefits from thoughtful consideration, especially if it involves written word or a younger person.

The Virgo Moon suggests a day which beats to the rhythm of a metronome; one can move fluidly from one task to the next. If multi-tasking late in the day, catch yourself. Be sure you pull in and focus on any task that requires physical concentration.

That includes a hyper-alert awareness if driving, especially in the evening. Stop yourself if you feel you or someone else falls short of an expectation; it’s more important to right the wrong than assign blame.

Love is in the air this evening. You can connect with it spiritually in community, or cuddle with your favorite pet. Crack into a juicy novel or slip into a wonderful film. This can be a highly romantic evening with the right partner.

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