The artist once again known as Prince died the morning of April 21, 2016 in his home.

His death dovetails with how his life unfolded: shock, surprise and the unexpected.

Prince was born with a Venus/Uranus configuration: Venus reflects how we love and attract. Uranus indicates a person’s need for unique expression and independence. With Uranus as a direct influence, Prince did love and self-express like no one else. He was inimitable.

Prince was a Gemini, youthful and lithe. The planet connected to Gemini is Mercury, named after the god of communication. When someone has Mercury strong in the natal horoscope, it shows mental, physical dexterity and a trickster energy.

Fast moving Mercury created a strong planetary picture when Prince was born, connecting with the sensitive Pisces Moon (emotional soul) and Pluto on his midheaven/career point.

Pluto represents the Shadow, the subconscious; Pluto, the god of death and irrevocable transformation.  Prince blew into the music scene with a seductive sound and talent like no other.

Yet for all his flair and edginess, Prince was a workhorse and perfectionist. The planet Saturn reigned in his brilliant independence to force productivity; it wasn’t enough to rebel, he felt responsible for what he produced.

The planet Saturn (which shows limitations, responsibility and fear) was in opposition to his Sun (life-force) at the time of his death. This indicates a period of stress and low energy.

Prince_horoscopeHowever, Prince was born with this configuration, which gave him that strong work ethic and probably a self-critical streak. Because of this, the transit of Saturn indicated a real strain on his physical body.

As Saturn approached his second Saturn return (happens roughly every 29 years) the demands of aging increased.

Yet a Saturn transit is not a death sentence. This was a critical time for his health and the ideal would have been for him to have tremendous support.

Whether or not anyone close to him was aware of his compromised health, he may not have sought out the expert care necessary to cross this hurdle.

Pluto was a dominant force for Prince. When someone is born with strong Pluto connections the need to control and resist anything that seems to want control is instinctual. This gave him strong survival skills, but sometimes the impulse to be in control is at cross-purposes with what actually helps.

Born with Scorpio rising and Pluto on his midheaven, he drove to succeed and control his dominion. At the time of death, Pluto by transit was 150° to his Gemini Sun. The Sun represents the life-force and how one shines. This is a slow-moving transit, but can blindside a person.

Jupiter symbolizes good fortune and opportunity and was yet another prominent force in Prince’s makeup. Public, yet private, his well of inspiration and collaborative skills seemed bottomless.

pair-dovesFinally, transiting Uranus (the planet of surprise and revolution) was opposite his natal Jupiter when he died.

It is not unusual to see Jupiter active at death.

Perhaps this is because what is a loss to survivors is a new horizon, free of restrictions, for the person who leaves Earth.

RIP Prince.

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