Forecast 5/2


Pond ©Cucinell 2014

The Gemini Moon is moon is void of course* ALL DAY.

This can be extremely productive, but only if you narrow down your activities. If you like to bicycle or walk, pleasant time is spent traversing familiar terrain. Favorite neighborhood places may be closed or not available; adaptability and humor are tools to keep close.

Although a Mercury/Saturn picture in the sky indicates that conversations with authority figures can be difficult right now, it’s also a perfect time to work through any communication restraints you may experience. Do your homework and you can garner the respect/favors you seek. Meeting a problem head-on can bring insight, but only if you are willing to bend and make the maneuvers necessary to meet the true goal.

Hold off on any decisions, yet if you want to approach a hard subject and not experience long-range repercussions , this might work in your favor.

Venus enters Aries at 9:21 p.m. ET; this kicks off a cycle when the red dress appears or a yen for sports cars and/or motorcycles. If those are not ways to light your inner fire, candlelight may create the warmth.

*Moon VOC/Void-of-Course… in Gemini, conversations can be particularly misunderstood; avoid important correspondence or phone calls. Gather information. Listen. Great time to clean out old emails and tidy up your desktop.

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