autumn_hecateQuiet Pause

Depending on your spiritual practice, we are close to Samhain, the ancient holiday that marks the end of harvest into the darkening months. Many pagans believe the veil between the different planes of existence thins and we can connect to those who’ve passed through heightened listening.

Known as Halloween to many, it conjures images of fright, fun and vibrancy in the face of mortality.

Coupled with the Dark of Moon period, you may experience a longing for a fresh start. Before that occurs, pack away the old things you do not need.

Will you really use them again? If not, give them away.

Find a way to recycle, regardless of what. If it’s an object, someone else may need it.

If it’s trash, discard it in the most sustainable way possible.

If it’s an idea, shelve it, dust it off or reassign it to the region of “not in this lifetime”. Not every idea deserves your time, but if it clutters the “maybe” paddock, it can muddy your focus to win a race.

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