Re-boot Your Psyche

The 13th Sign

I was tagged to respond to a FB post. Someone lamented that the "13th sign" meant she was no longer a Scorpio. I realized that the ex-Scorpio's motivation was to create a playful discussion. Most people on the thread enjoyed disparaging astrology. I hesitated. Finally...

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Why Does Astrology Matter?

Why Does Astrology Matter?  Astrology Now: 2016 — It's so much more than simple entertainment. Mythology is taught in literature class because it informs both comedy and drama. The brilliant psychiatrist Carl Jung recognized that ancient stories of all cultures...

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How to Plan Perfectly… enough!

It's Your Business and Life - Know What's Ahead! Choose the Perfect Date for Any Event, Meeting or Proposal or Perfect Partnerships for Business and/or Pleasure Do you wish you could get it right, every time? Are you an entrepreneur who has... Planned a launch, event...

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Private Astrology and/or Tarot Sessions: Re-Boot Your Psyche

What can you expect from a personal session with Pamela? • An outline of where you are and where you're going (and where you've been when it has relevance to the present or future) • Spot-on insight that is reliably applicable to your situation • Your mind to open to...

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