5/9/2010 Mother’s Day has a Pisces Moon that may paint an idealized view of how the day could be or the people in it.

It is important to be honest with yourself, because anything that is not holding its own may topple when unexpected questions upset the balance. This way you can save the day if someone makes a gaffe or brings in unnecessary expectations.

Mary Cassatt

If you are a mother or are in conversation with your mother, remember each person is an individual, in spite of who is what to whom. When we release from wanting certain things from certain people, we are free to enjoy and observe.

If you’re not involved with Mother’s Day today, all the above may still apply- just substitute the word “mother” for “other”! The moon is VOC* from 4:12 pm to 5:29 pm and then it enters Aries, which changes energy from dithering to dynamo.

Sudden zest may make you want to go dancing, or whatever flight of fancy captures you.

*Void of Course: the moon will make no other geometric connection to any planet before it moves into the next sign. More about VOC.