Palm Beach Story

This is not a day where people are inclined to back down, although perhaps you should. Especially if you’re one of the people born with Aries, Capricorn, Libra or Cancer strong in your horoscope- you may feel a fire within or coming at you.

A Mars/Pluto picture in the sky supports those who know where their passion and drive is going, but it’s important not to get swept up in stalemates and power struggles.

The best advantage is to keep in mind the integrity of a relationship. If it’s not there, you can’t fabricate it. You can only hold up your end.

This is a time when you can pull up your courage and make hard decisions.

It’s better to be alone as an individual, than to be alone in a relationship. If you choose to continue to pull the weight for a business or marriage now and through September, you may be pulling it for another seven years until you re-evaluate that choice again.

This may not be what is coming up for you now, but any relationship concerns that present themselves today or tomorrow hold clues to be pondered. Get moving in some way today, but make it safe and without anger.

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