01_Sailors_open_an_American_flag_before_a_Naval_Support_Activity_Souda_Bay_Memorial_Day_event_1_Forecast 5/26

The morning of Memorial Day may magnify an awareness of loss, but also of gratitude.

Light a candle and reflect on those who sacrificed their lives in service to their country, whether consciously or through the illusion of youthful immortality. Regardless of cultural or religious heritage, many families have suffered the loss of someone through military action.

Memorial Day reminds us that to work on your inner spiritual life is one way to combat for the goal of Universal Peace some day. There may be some fracas in the late morning; it is best to disengage and strive to emulate peace, however you can master the feeling.

The Taurus Moon supports activities around beauty, gardening, food, craftsmanship and home. For those of you who may be at work, this is a strong day to get something off the ground. If it’s a brand new launch, you may want to wait a few days until the New Moon is energetically behind you.

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