Mercury symbolizes communication and Mars, desire. With retrogrades of Mercury (which began 12/26) and Mars (began 12/20) in place as the New Year opens, you may experience delays/frustrations in these areas of life. This all depends on how you go about certain activities. Unless you were born with Mercury or Mars retrograde, you need to pay more attention to how things are said and received and how you take action.

Think twice about any “re” words: re-organize, re-do, but also refer, remove, remember and relate… the “re” suggests we look back. If you are going to relate effectively, you need to listen well, observe without agenda. So often when someone is speaking, the “listener” is thinking of a response instead of really absorbing the communication. In order to offer a real response, you must listen by being fully present, with your heart and not your mind.
This is the lesson Mercury Retrograde offers us 3-4 x each year.

With Mars Retrograde, there is a greater emphasis on relationship. If you’re in an intimate relationship, this can be a time of deepening in physical connection. If you’ve a pattern, this is the time to revisit it. You can reenergize a marriage or reconsider why you’re together.

empress2010 is a “3” year, which relates to the Empress card in tarot. The Empress symbolizes your creativity, fertility, playfulness and ability to tap into resources and opportunity. If you are feeling cut off from your ability to attract and connect to wealth and promise, use the retrogrades to go within.

I’m a big advocate of 5-minute meditations, being a New Yorker and a mom. Anywhere/anytime you can steal a moment to focus on your breath: “I breathe in…. I breathe out”. You are giving yourself the gift of the present. You are refreshing your Spirit. You are putting yourself in a place you can remember what’s important.

In astrology, meditation falls under the umbrella of Neptune, the planet connected with the Universal Unconscious. But in order to meditate, you must first take action. Mercury/Mars Retrograde is a perfect time to develop your meditation muscle.

Make no mistake, if you really want to create change for a more peaceful, prosperous planet, your small step towards a daily meditation practice is a giant step towards realizing that goal.