At 12:21 am ET the moon enters the sign of Aries, which may cause a toss or turn for a sleeper or give an energy burst to a night owl.

beach footprints ©Cucinell

An engine runs behind the scenes of every activity today and if it’s given free ability to roam, a lot can get accomplished.

If however, someone has another agenda or heads butt, suddenly the low hum roars into ferocity and sides are declared.
This doesn’t have to derail a project; on the contrary, once problems are brought to the surface, one can confront them.

If you’ve been wanting to initiate a project or begin a health routine, this can be a fruitful time especially if you know its going to be an uphill battle. Warrior energy ignites emotions and can be victorious but only if the goal is more important than ego-satisfaction.

Whatever else you have to do today, the body wants to move so find an appropriate release for your level of fitness. Conversations late in the evening can be satisfying and touch your heart.

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