©Cucinell 2015

©Cucinell 2015

Forecast 2/6

This is a powerhouse day to get it done, whatever the project – IF – you get out of your way!

Consider seeming obstacles from the perspective of how completely they block you. Is it a barricade truly, or are you simply refusing the alternative path?

We can get stuck when our adaptability is thwarted by tunnel-vision. The Virgo Moon supplies the “give” if you are open to it. In order for a seed to sprout easily, the soil must be worked. It may be a good that things don’t go exactly as planned, because that can force us to look for doorways we may have not considered.

A Sun/Jupiter picture colors the day. This emphasizes the possibility of courting new horizons; don’t be put off by what seems unachievable today. Challenge yourself.

The Moon is void-of-course/voc* on 5:09 p.m. ET at which time it may be very difficult to finish a project unless you’ve got it planned beforehand, like preparing a meal. Perfect for organizing for the next day.

*in Virgo, the void-of-course is great for organizing, finessing a project or exercise routine and clearing out closets. What is something seemingly insignificant that you’d like to make time to do? This may be the perfect time for it.